4 Packing Mistakes You Should Never Make


One of the most important tasks that can ensure that you have a stress-free removal instead of having mishap after mishap is the task of packing your belongings. This article discusses some of the most common packing mistakes that you should avoid in order to have a smooth removal to your new address. Not Having a Packing Plan One of the worst mistakes that you can make as you prepare for a move is to start packing without making a packing plan.

29 April 2016

Internal facelift? Go mobile


Are your floors in need of redoing? Could the internal walls do with a coat of paint but the thought of moving furniture around gives you the shivers? Consider this: you don't have to stash everything in one room, then move it to the next as the work gets completed. You can do it all in one go with a mobile storage unit brought to your property—that stays on your property.

22 April 2016

Three Major Life Events that call for Self Storage


After years of spending and accumulating, it's not unusual to wake up one day and realise your personal effects have become unneeded clutter. Whether you tend to gather DVDs that may become precious one day, or you're in no rush to let go of your first home's ragged furniture, self storage can come to the rescue. In some scenarios, there are major life events that make it a necessity. Moving Home

23 February 2016

Types of Packing Boxes You Should Invest In When Moving House


One of the most arduous tasks associated with moving house is the packing process. Homeowners never really realise how much they accumulated over the years until they have to safely put away knick-knacks, clothes and a host of other personal items. Since packing tends to be burdensome, a common mistake people make is simply lumping everything together in boxes to avoid the tedium of having to sort through them. Not only does this make unpacking disorganized for you, but it also increases the chances of your belongings acquiring damage during the moving process.

26 January 2016

Factors to Consider When Getting a Self-Storage


Whether you are moving to a new house, selling your home, or you just want to safely keep some of your stuff away, a storage unit is an awesome thing to have. It offers security for your items while you do not use them. Advantages of Using a Self-Storage Unit Allows you to create more space in your home Helps to improve the chances of selling your house by making it look less cluttered and more presentable Reduces the stress of moving by keeping your items safe elsewhere as you plan to move.

22 January 2016

Removalists | 4 Step-By-Step Instructions To Prepare Your Flat Screen TV For Transport


Moving between homes can be stressful especially when you're transporting precious household items and electronic goods from one place to the other. If you've hired removalists like Atkins Removals & Storage Pty Ltd to transport your items to your new home, you'll naturally want to pack all items as robustly as possible to protect them from damage while they are in transit. This guide is designed to help you prepare your flat screen TV for loading into the removalist's truck for transporting to your new home.

15 January 2016

Tips on how to move stress free


In the event that you have been offered a great opportunity in another state, you may have to rule out commuting since you will run out of excuses to tell your boss every time you come in late. The most logical thing would be to move to the new location. Australia is a big place and these interstate removals can take a lot out of you if you are not sufficiently prepared for them.

22 October 2015

Handy Tips for DIY Furniture Removals


Moving house can be both a tedious as well as an exasperating process. From planning the logistics of the move to ensuring that you have all your items safely packed, most homeowners would be quite daunted by the task. As such, you will find that professional furniture removals are typically your best bet if you are hoping for hassle-free relocation. However, there may be instances where you may not be able to cater for professional movers within your budget.

20 August 2015

3 Tips for Buying Used Shipping Containers


For your production facility, you may need shipping containers for cargo you'll be sending by sea or by rail, for hazardous materials, or for anything you need to keep completely private during shipment. Because shipping containers are meant to last for years, you might save money by buying used containers rather than new. While used containers can often be just as good as new, this doesn't mean you should just purchase the cheapest one you can find on the internet.

24 June 2015

Having a Complicated Removal? Seek Storage from Your Removalist


Many removalists in Australia and the world over offer storage as a secondary service to removals. Ever wondered why? Well, while not every removalist offers this option, it's a very handy solution to some situations during complicated removals. The removalist stores your property as you sort out your move. When you're good to go, you can have your items transported to the location of your choice. Read on to see where seeking storage from your removalist could help ease your move.

17 April 2015