Three Major Life Events that call for Self Storage


After years of spending and accumulating, it's not unusual to wake up one day and realise your personal effects have become unneeded clutter. Whether you tend to gather DVDs that may become precious one day, or you're in no rush to let go of your first home's ragged furniture, self storage can come to the rescue. In some scenarios, there are major life events that make it a necessity.

Moving Home

In 2007 to 2008, at least 40 percent of households without children had moved two or more times in the last five years. When you move house, you'll come across effects that aren't necessities, but you can't bare to part with them anyway. With a storage facility, you can keep them safe until you're settled into your new home, or until you decide to pass them on elsewhere. A good facility will feature round the clock security, so you can rest peacefully knowing your items are safe.

Moving in together

With 53 percent of Australians in de-facto relationships living together in 2009 to 2010 and a further 53 percent being married, it's clear the scope for cohabitation is high. If you and your beau decide to leap towards renting or buying a property, you'll need extra space for those items you have no space for. For example, if both of you are moving from your own home, you may have entire sets of furniture, televisions, or even unwanted CD collections that you can't accommodate in your new home. Once the dust settles, you can decide whether to find room for those unneeded goods, or you can sell them at auction and make some cash. If your goods are precious to you, you can add an extra layer of protection with bubble wrap, boxes, and insurance.

Welcoming new members to the family

The Australian birth rate has seen a marginal rise in the last few years, and where there's a baby there's need for extra room. As any couple that experiences the joy of a spare room may know, clutter soon builds. If you want to spend those nine months preparing for your new arrival without having to worry about where everything will go, hire some storage space. Once the little one arrives, you can revisit where's best to move them. With many facilities offering long access hours, you can grab your goods at a time that suits you. 

No matter what your storage needs, you can enjoy the luxury of extra space. With a range of space sizes available, there's heaps of room for all kinds of items.


23 February 2016

Storing old books

My dad was a huge collector of old books. He had such a beautiful collection when he passed away, and he left it all to me. I don't have enough space to display them yet, but I do want to hold onto them so that when I have enough space I can set up a library at home and really enjoy them. This blog is all about how to store old books for a long period of time, so that they stay in great condition. I hope it will be useful for other people with big collections of vintage books.