Factors to Consider When Getting a Self-Storage


Whether you are moving to a new house, selling your home, or you just want to safely keep some of your stuff away, a storage unit is an awesome thing to have. It offers security for your items while you do not use them.

Advantages of Using a Self-Storage Unit

  • Allows you to create more space in your home
  • Helps to improve the chances of selling your house by making it look less cluttered and more presentable
  • Reduces the stress of moving by keeping your items safe elsewhere as you plan to move. The items do not have to be moved at once and you can shift them slowly when needed.
  • Allows you to renovate or decorate your home with more ease

When getting a storage unit, consider the following:

Access Limits and Level of Security of the Unit

Self-storage should only allow you, the owner, to access the goods in storage. Unauthorized persons should not gain access to the facility. If any staff members will have access, then the contract you are offered should indicate so. You can consider renting one with a surveillance system for more security. You should also ensure that the opening and closing hours fit in your schedule and are also adequate.


The storage unit facility should be located near you. Travelling for long distances to access your items can be quite tiresome and inconveniencing. Even if the cost is lower further away, you should consider getting one within your location to save on money spent on gas.

Amount of Storage Space

The amount of storage space you need will be determined by the amount of items you want to put away. Storage units are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. You should ensure that the size indicated on the contract is what you actually need to avoid paying for extra space. The unit should be well ventilated to keep your items safe.


The cost of the unit will depend on the period of time you want to use it, as well as the size of the unit. When getting one, you should ensure that you only get space that you will actually use. You should also use it only for the necessary period, so as to reduce costs. Likewise, you ought to consider the cost of getting insurance for the goods in storage. Protection against risks like fire and floods might cost you, but will eventually prove worthy. Some firms may offer discounts and you may want to look out for them.

You should also remember to wrap the items before storing them. Attach labels so that you do not have to dig through boxes looking for your stuff later on. Also, only put allowed items in storage.  


22 January 2016

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