Smart tips on saving money when moving home


If you need to move house to another city you'll know it can be quite expensive. Here are some tips for making the most of a limited moving budget. 

Clean out the bookshelf 

Books are very bulky and add time and weight to any move. It's a good opportunity to go through your bookshelf and do a good prune of books that you won't read again or books that you can borrow from the library. You can even look at picking up new secondhand copies of your favourite books in your new location. You can trade all of you old books in for cash or credit at a local secondhand bookstore and use the funds to offset some of your moving costs or as gifts for your friends who are kind enough to help you with moving. 

Clean out the closet

On the same note it's a good opportunity to clean out the closet. If you are moving from Tasmania to Far North Queensland this can be a good time to get rid of bulky coats and heavy doonahs, and if you are making the reverse journey it might be time to get rid of some of that beach gear that might not get as much of a work out. You can often pick up new items that better suit your new climate when you get to town rather than paying to move items you might not need going forward. 

Pack the crevices

If you are also transporting your car it's a good idea to remember that you can in most cases also pack the car with your personal items. It's a great way to pack items that you might be nervous about transporting in general transports, such as delicate instruments or specialist clothing that you don't want to fold or pack in with other items. Sometimes you can also look at packing internal crevices in other items such as tea chests with light items can help you save bulk and make it more affordable to move precious items. 

Check for discounts

There are many discounts out there for moving, for instance musicians who are a member of The Australian Music Industry Network can access discounted moving costs. It's a good idea to check your memberships of industry organisation or volunteer groups to see if you might also be eligible for a discount due to your industry. 

With some planning you can save some great money on next move.  


29 April 2016

Storing old books

My dad was a huge collector of old books. He had such a beautiful collection when he passed away, and he left it all to me. I don't have enough space to display them yet, but I do want to hold onto them so that when I have enough space I can set up a library at home and really enjoy them. This blog is all about how to store old books for a long period of time, so that they stay in great condition. I hope it will be useful for other people with big collections of vintage books.