Types of Packing Boxes You Should Invest In When Moving House


One of the most arduous tasks associated with moving house is the packing process. Homeowners never really realise how much they accumulated over the years until they have to safely put away knick-knacks, clothes and a host of other personal items. Since packing tends to be burdensome, a common mistake people make is simply lumping everything together in boxes to avoid the tedium of having to sort through them. Not only does this make unpacking disorganized for you, but it also increases the chances of your belongings acquiring damage during the moving process. If you will not be enlisting the services of removalists to carry out your relocation for you, then it would be best to invest in professional packing boxes. Here are some of the types of packing boxes that you could consider when moving house.

Kitchen packing boxes

As the name suggests, these boxes are built to store delicate items from the kitchen such as crockery, china and more. They are also known as dish pack boxes. These boxes are manufactured from corrugated carton that comprises of double walls. This works toward ensuring they are sturdy enough to support all kinds of kitchen breakables. You can choose to have them partitioned using cellular dividers for easy storage of glasses, or they could be an open space.

Packing wallets

These types of boxes are designed for the boxing of shallow items. When purchased, they are typically flat packed, and you will then proceed to open it like a wallet and lay your item right in the middle of the box. You should then secure it by folding the edges around the item. Once the packing wallet is closed, you can secure it with tape to ensure that the item does not slip out. If the item is small, it is recommended to include packing buffers such as blister paper into the packing wallet to keep the item from moving around. Packing wallets are great for items such as laptops, tablets, picture frames and more.

Wardrobe packing boxes

Wardrobe packing boxes are much larger than conventional packing boxes. They are designed to enable you to store your clothing items upright so as to prevent them from getting creased during the move. Additionally, the upright storage makes it easier for you to simply take them out and hang them back in the closet of your new home. To facilitate easy packing, wardrobe boxes have a hanger bar incorporated into their design. Therefore, all you would need to do is take your clothes out of your current closet and hang them into the wardrobe boxes with minimal effort required. 


26 January 2016

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