3 Ways To Minimise Damage Risk To Your TV Table... Without Dismantling It


If you've assembled your television table on your own, you'll know that it probably takes several hours because of the sheer number of components involved. Drawer parts, shelves, stands and boards ­­— your TV table has them all and it probably takes you ages to master the instructions, if at all. If you're moving between homes, you're probably stressed about the process of furniture removals. This guide offers you packing-clever tips to minimise the risk of damage to your TV table... without dismantling it for the removals truck.  

Cover The Edges

The edges of your TV table are probably most vulnerable during the transport process because they can hit doorways when being carried or can hit something else inside the truck. The best way to protect these edges is to cover them with a few layers of bubble wrap. This ensures that they remain undamaged when carried out of your old home and into your new home. Bubble wrap is generally inexpensive and can be purchased from your nearest Australia Post office or a local stationery store. Alternatively, you can save the bubble wrap from the original packing to avoid buying it later.

Wrap The Legs

Soft polystyrene blocks offer an excellent layer of cushioning for the legs of your television table and prevent them from any damage —  even if they are accidentally dragged on the ground. Polystyrene foam can generally withstand any force or shocks, making it a good choice when you want to protect the legs from scratches, breaks or damage. Make sure you securely tape the foam around the legs to prevent it from coming undone during transport. Use as many polystyrene layers as possible to protect the TV table legs from breaking away.

Cloak The Table

The best way to protect a full TV table (if you choose not to dismantle) is to cloak it in a soft blanket to prevent any parts from getting chipped or gouged when moved between homes. The blanket serves as an additional layer of protection in case the removals truck comes across poor driving conditions along the way. For instance, sudden jerks or bumpy roads could cause the TV table to topple over and crack with the movement. A soft blanket mitigates the fall and protects the table material from damage.

With these actions, you don't necessarily need to dismantle your TV table when you're moving it from one home to the next.


18 October 2016

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