3 Money-Saving Tips when Moving Out of State


Moving is hard; moving to a different state is even more so. Relocating comes with its own hassles and expenses, and in the time leading up to the move, it's easy to forget important things that could make the move harder and more costly. These suggestions will help you save small amounts here and there that could eventually make a significant difference to your moving budget.

1. Book early

Not all removalists can handle interstate moves, and waiting until the last minute limits the number of options you have. Do your research to find a reliable interstate mover and book them as early as possible before your moving date. This will give you time to take inventory of your belongings, current house and future house, get a reliable quote from them and decide what to move and what to sell in order to reduce your costs. Contact a company like Price's Removals to get started.

2. Moving more costs more

The rule of thumb is that moving more stuff costs more, and moving further away costs more. If you need multiple trucks to pack your stuff, be prepared to pay a lot more. The best way to reduce moving costs, therefore, is to ship the most essential belongings only.

Get rid of not only clutter, but also furnishings that you can easily replace once you get to your destination. You may find that selling your sofa and buying a new one there will cheaper and free valuable space on your moving truck.

Start by spring-cleaning the house – be ruthless about clearing clutter. Sort out the non-essentials and host a garage sale which will give you a few extra coins off the clutter. You can also advertise some valuable items online or in the classifieds, reaching out to many more people. Donate old clothes and toys to a children's home or charity. Start planning much earlier than your scheduled move so you have time to do all these.

3. Don't carry fixtures and appliances

If selling your home to buy a new home, the assumption most buyers have is that the house is being sold as is. Unless you have specific sentimental attachment to that chandelier, leave it behind. Fragile items such as those require special handling and will hence cost more. Instead, use the extras such as custom ceiling fans, basketball hoops and extra decorative shelving to negotiate a better buying price – you can always get new and different ones for your new home.

The same applies to the larger appliances like washer/dryers, stoves and refrigerators. These usually require special service and installation prior to and following the move, and special handling during the move. If they are old and/or you can get new ones, consider selling them with the house or some other way and buying new ones.



29 June 2016

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