Moisture-Free Storage | 3 Tactics To Stop Moisture From Damaging Stored Household Items


Planning to embark on a year-long backpacking vacation away from your home? Your bold and adventurous decision could set you up for a lifetime of memories you never imagined possible. But before you begin your adventure, you need to figure out what to do with your household items. Placing them in a storage unit is a practical choice, but moisture can destroy your items if you're not careful. This commentary offers you a few strategies to prevent moisture from damaging your household items.

Keep Smaller Items Off The Floor

Items like mattresses, cushions, pillows, books and bags should ideally be kept off the floor because moisture and humidity travels through these areas This is also important if your storage unit is on the ground level because possible flooding from heavy rainfall could end up causing irreparable damage. Because of how storage units are closed, moisture is bound to form over time. A good idea is to store these items on some type of stand to allow proper air circulation below them. For all practical purposes, try to sell or get rid of unwanted household items instead of storing them unnecessarily and risking moisture damage anyway. 

Mound Boxes

Long-term storage will cost you a fair amount of money, but that's nothing in comparison to the unforgettable adventure you're about to experience. To better utilise the space available, place as many household items as possible into cardboard boxes and stack them over each other. This vertical space consumption ensures that nothing gets wasted in the storage unit. Make sure the first box is placed on an even stand off the ground and continue stacking after. The ability to mound boxes also ensures that they are kept away from moisture-laden floors and walls in the storage unit.

Convince A Family Member Or Friend To Air Out The Unit

Closed storage units are prone to moisture, no matter how much you do to prevent it. The best thing possible is to open up and air out the unit every once in a while to check that everything is in order. Since you'll be gone, your best option is to convince a friend or family member to air out the unit for you. This ensures that your items remain as undamaged as possible while stored inside. Alternatively, you can choose climate-controlled storage for ensuring that the unit is moisture-free for your peace of mind.

Making sure that your household items remain undamaged while you're away is important, so follow these tactics to avoid stress.


28 October 2016

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