4 Packing Mistakes You Should Never Make


One of the most important tasks that can ensure that you have a stress-free removal instead of having mishap after mishap is the task of packing your belongings. This article discusses some of the most common packing mistakes that you should avoid in order to have a smooth removal to your new address.

Not Having a Packing Plan

One of the worst mistakes that you can make as you prepare for a move is to start packing without making a packing plan. You will have no idea about whether you are on course to complete packing in time. This lack of a packing schedule can lead you to panic when moving day arrives and you still have many unpacked belongings in several rooms. It is better to make a packing plan so that you know which room will be tackled on a given day. In this way, you will not feel any pressure on the last day before your move.

Overloading Packing Boxes

Another mistake that some people make is to try to reduce the number of boxes that they have to carry by overfilling a few large boxes. This is a mistake for several reasons. First, the overloaded boxes can easily become damaged by the excessive weight that they have been made to carry. Your belongings will fall through overloaded boxes. Secondly, you are likely to injure yourself as you carry those overloaded boxes. Avoid the risks of this mistake by using smaller boxes to hold heavy items, such as books. You can use larger boxes for light belongings, such as clothes.

Leaving Gaps in Boxes

Belongings should never be left to move about inside packing boxes. Any movement creates opportunities for delicate items to sustain damage. This is because the items will bang against each other as they move within the loosely packed box. That movement also strains the packing box to the extent that it may tear. Use padding materials, such as packing foam or towels, to fill any gaps within the boxes carrying fragile items.

Forgetting to Isolate Items That Shouldn't Be Packed

It is important for you to ask the removalists to give you a list of the items that you are not allowed to pack, such as flammable substances and perishables. Such items may ruin other belongings if you pack them accidentally. For example, vegetables may rot during transit and cause permanent stains on your clothes.

It may be hard to provide an exhaustive list of all the mistakes that can be made as you pack your belongings. However, you can work closely with the removalists so that you receive helpful advice based on their extensive experience.


29 April 2016

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