Removalists | 4 Step-By-Step Instructions To Prepare Your Flat Screen TV For Transport


Moving between homes can be stressful especially when you're transporting precious household items and electronic goods from one place to the other. If you've hired removalists like Atkins Removals & Storage Pty Ltd to transport your items to your new home, you'll naturally want to pack all items as robustly as possible to protect them from damage while they are in transit. This guide is designed to help you prepare your flat screen TV for loading into the removalist's truck for transporting to your new home.

Gather Your Packing Materials

Packing your TV securely for the removalists will ensure that it remains undamaged in transit. You will need to purchase packing boxes that can handle the height, width and weight of your TV. Ideally, the packing box should be a few inches larger than the widest part of your TV, so that you can add blankets or bubble wrap for enhanced protection. You will also need bubble wrap or blankets and packing peanuts. Professional removalists usually have these items handy, so you can get these packing materials from them for a small fee or you can acquire these items on your own.

Prepare Your TV For Packing

You will need to prepare your TV by unplugging all the cords and closing the antennas (if any). Wrap every cord individually and fasten them using cable ties. Place the remote controls, cords and other TV accessories inside a zipped bag and set it aside. If your TV is mounted to a wall, you will need to unscrew it from the mounting device. Place the screws and mounting device in the zipped bag containing the cords and remotes.

Wrap The TV In Bubble Wrap Or Blankets

Before wrapping the TV in bubble wrap or blankets (whichever is easier to secure), place a soft piece of cardboard paper over the screen to protect it from damage. This provides an added layer between the screen and the wrap, so ensure that the cardboard paper is the same length as the TV screen. You can then wrap the TV in bubble wrap or blankets. Make sure you wrap the material around the entire television at least twice for better protection. Secure the wrapping material with packing tape. Make sure that the tape is completely secure, so that it doesn't come undone while the TV is in transit in the removalist's truck.

Place TV In Box

Place packing peanuts at the bottom of the box to provide a protective layer between the TV and the ground. Place the TV in the box and reinforce it with more packing peanuts to ensure that the TV is tightly snuggled inside with no room to move around. Once the TV is securely fastened inside, close the box and seal it with more packing tape.

Follow these steps when preparing your flat screen TV for loading into the removalist's truck.


15 January 2016

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