How To Move Especially Bulky Items Out Of An Upstairs Flat


If you're moving out of an upstairs flat and have a lot of furniture to consider, you need to plan carefully. After all, the task may look daunting, especially if some of those furniture items are large and bulky. So, how do you stand the best chance of success, particularly when it comes to moving something like an entertainment centre down that narrow stairwell?

You Can Do It!

The first thing to remember is that most of the time, every item of furniture in your flat was moved in there and, consequently, can go out the same way. One exception, however, might be the entertainment centre if you purchased it as a flat pack and assembled it in your home. In this case, you need to do some additional planning before you get work underway.

Adequate Help

If you are going to attempt the move yourself, you must get some help. As the saying goes, many hands make light work, but you'll find it very difficult to manoeuvre heavy items down that stairwell without the appropriate number of people.


Where possible, disassemble the item in question. In other words, try to take legs and handles off while removing drawers or hinged doors. Also, try to make the entertainment centre as light as possible before you move on to a bigger challenge.


Get the right equipment before the big day arrives. You will need furniture straps for bulkier items, which can be placed underneath the base of the sofa or entertainment centre and will give your arms and hands more flexibility. You may not need to lift the item quite as high up, and it should certainly help with manoeuvrability. It may be helpful to lay a strip of spare carpet or some plywood onto the stairs when you are manoeuvring as well.


Do not attempt to lift hefty items without help, and always lift from the knees rather than rounding the back. You'll be able to avoid the threat of injury if you always focus on the correct etiquette.

No Rush

This will probably take quite some time as you figure out how to turn a bulky item to deal with changes in stairwell direction. Do not attempt to rush this, and keep pets or children out of the way in another room.

The Better Approach

Even professionals can face a challenge when moving particularly large or bulky items in narrow quarters. However, they have the experience to fall back on and will bring the right equipment for the task. Taking everything into account, it may be better for you to outsource this job to a removalist as well.

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13 January 2022

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