4 Items That You Should Never Pack in a Removalist Truck


When you choose to hire residential removal services, then you are guaranteed a smooth move. The company will assist you in packing and transporting your belongings to your new home. Although they will carry most of your belongings, there are few items that you should not pack in their trucks. Here are some of them.

1. Hazardous Items

Some laws regulate the transportation of dangerous goods. Whether you are transporting these items yourself or having a removalist transport them, you should have a permit. Therefore, you should not pack any high-risk items in the moving truck to avoid going against the law. 

Besides, the transportation of these items is risky. For instance, flammable items can cause fires if not handled with care. To find out which items are considered risky, consult a residential removal service. These professionals have a list of all the commodities that are safe and legal to transport. 

2. Sentimental and Personal Items 

When packing your belongings in the moving truck, you should not include your personal and sensitive documents. These include birth certificates, education certificates, bank documents and marriage certificates. It is also recommendable to produce copies of these essential documents before moving just in case they get misplaced. 

You should also avoid packing items that are sentimental to you. These refer to highly-valued items, such as photo albums, musical instruments and family heirlooms. These items are irreplaceable, and that's why you should give them the best care possible. Therefore, to make sure that they are safe, it would be best to carry them in your car. 

3. Perishable Items and Liquids 

Household items might include perishable commodities such as food. These items should not be packed in the mover's truck because they may go bad, particularly when moving to a far-off distance. You should also avoid packing liquids in these trucks because they will likely spill and destroy other valuables. 

4. Medication and Other Essentials 

The items that you need to use daily should not go in the truck. That includes medication since you will need to use them during the move. You should also avoid packing overnight essentials, such as toiletries, that you will need before settling down in your new home. 

Moving into a new home is a tedious process that you should leave to experienced and well-equipped residential removal services. Although these professionals are supposed to pack and transport all your belongings, make an exception for the items identified above. Ask a residential removalist for more information on how to pack.


14 July 2021

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