What You Should Include In Your Removals Checklist


Organisation is an essential aspect of any successful move. It helps reduce the hassles and stresses of last-minute preparations and activities that could have been conducted a few days before the move. The extract below details some activities you should include in your removals checklist. Ideally, it will ensure you have an easy time moving. 

Inspect Your New Home

You will need to prepare the new house for the move. For instance, you should clean the premises, connect utilities and make the required repairs. Besides, assess the property to determine the challenges you might face when moving your items. For example, it could be that the property has limited parking space or has a narrow entrance. This information will help the removalists when they are packing your items. For instance, they could dismantle furniture or use cranes when conducting the move. 

Consult With Your Removalist

Below are some things that you should discuss with your removalist: 

  • When will the removalist inspect your property? The inspection helps in preparation activities such as appraising your items, choosing a suitable truck and determining the number of people required to pack and load your items.
  • What time will you move? This largely depends on the removalist's availability and your schedule. For instance, you could opt to move at night if you have a busy schedule.
  • What assistance will the removalist need? For example, the removalist might need manuals to help dismantle the furniture.
  • What are your responsibilities? You will be required to defrost your fridge if you are moving it, for example. 

Sort Your Items

A few days before the move, sort your items to ensure that you move with what you need. For example, you will need to return items you may have borrowed from friends and neighbours. Additionally, dispose of or sell any items you do not require in your new home. This could be broken furniture, electronics or worn-out clothes. Pack your essentials. These are items that you will need before arranging your new home. They could include rental agreements, credit cards, diapers, clothes and food. 

Determine The Need For Storage

The size of your new property and the nature of the move will determine the need for storage space when executing the move. For example, if your new homes has limited parking space, you could opt to store your dirt bike or classic car in a storage facility. You could opt for temporary storage when moving into an incomplete house. Your removalist will organise suitable storage to reduce the stresses of looking for appropriate storage. 

When preparing for removals, inspect your new home, consult with your removalist, sort your items and determine the need for storage. Contact removalists in your area to learn more.


27 April 2021

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