Three Essential Tips for Preparing Your Caravan for Storage


If you are not planning on using your caravan for a while, you should consider using a self-storage solution. In general, this involves renting a space from a storage units company and leaving your vehicle for the period. This option is more favourable than leaving the caravan in your home because the caravan will have specialised storage. It will be protected from the elements, reducing the risk of deterioration. Also, this choice is perfect if you do not want to use your garage for long-term storage. If you decide to use self-storage for your caravan, consider these tips to prepare your recreational vehicle.

Clear the Interior

You should not leave your items lying around in your caravan during the prolonged storage period. Most personal items will deteriorate if left lying around. For instance, bed sheets should not be left in the open, and towels must not be left wet. You can take these to your house for cleaning and storage until the next trip. It is also important to check for food items which might rot during the storage period. In addition, place your valuable items like laptops and the TV in a lockable cabinet in your trailer if you do not want to take them with you.

Wipe, Wash and Clean

Proper cleaning is essential after removing the contents of the trailer. If the caravan is not cleaned completely, an order might develop due to the old dirt and debris in the vehicle. Also, layers of dirt will promote the deterioration of wooden and metal surfaces. You should begin by washing your appliances and wiping the shelves in the interior space. Wipe the windows and the walls to eliminate dust, oil and other materials. Then, vacuum your furniture to eliminate debris, especially food particles. Remember, old food particles will attract rodents and insects like ants. When this is done, you can scrub and wash the floor. Make sure to clean every corner and under the furniture and appliances. Allow the vehicle time to dry before storage.

Inspect the Vehicle

Finally, it is advisable to check the mechanical components of your caravan before storage. This practice will ensure that the caravan remains in good condition during storage. Therefore, you will not struggle with repairs after the storage period is over. Check the tyre pressure and ensure that it is optimal. Alternatively, you can jack up your caravan. Also, disconnect the power battery to prevent deterioration. In addition, plan on greasing the hitch to reduce rusting and overall wear. 


14 October 2019

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