How household removalists charge for their services


When moving, seeking the help of a removalist is an excellent way of easing stress and tension during the process. However, many people avoid hiring removalists because they assume that it will cost too much. Others aren't familiar with how removalists charge for their services, which further escalates the confusion around hiring these companies.

This piece will break down some of the most common ways through which removalists charge for service delivery.

1. By weight  

One of the most common ways through which removalists charge is by weight. Movers will typically load all your items in a moving truck, have them weighed at a certified weighing station and prepare a quote based on the recorded weight.

It can be challenging to estimate just how much all your items will weigh. Luckily, you can always call the removalist and give them an idea of how much stuff you wish to move. Some companies even send out a team to estimate how many items you have—and how much they'll weigh after loading.

If you're moving many small items, you may be able to save on costs by hiring a company that charges by weight.

2. By volume

Perhaps the most common method removalists use is charging by volume. This means that the more space your items take up, the higher you'll pay. Most removalists will offer trucks of specific sizes for you to choose from, with each truck at a different price.

If you have heavy items that don't take up lots of space, you may be able to save by hiring a company that charges by volume.

3. By the hour

Removalists also charge by the hour. The longer it takes it to load your items, the higher the cost will be. Charging by the hour allows you to save money if you're not moving many things.

Being prepared will also help you save. Don't forget to pack in advance, clearly label your items and have boxes ready to be picked on moving day. In addition, if you have both bulky and heavy items, you may be able to save with this option.

4. By distance travelled

Another way that removalists charge is by the distance of your move. The moving company may attach a cost to every kilometre travelled, as well as a rate for loading and offloading your items.

People moving across state lines may consider getting a quote in advance for how far their move will be. 


22 July 2019

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