Tips on how to move stress free


In the event that you have been offered a great opportunity in another state, you may have to rule out commuting since you will run out of excuses to tell your boss every time you come in late. The most logical thing would be to move to the new location.

Australia is a big place and these interstate removals can take a lot out of you if you are not sufficiently prepared for them. You will have to take some of your belongings with you and it is at this juncture that moving and storage comes into play.

Below are a few tips to make the moving and storage part of the removal process a little easier.

Move in phases

If there are many things that you feel are absolutely necessary that you cannot leave without them during the moving process, it could be helpful if you schedule to move in stages. This means that you send some of the things forward to your new residence so that on the day you yourself are moving, you are not hauling around colossal amounts of stuff.

Sort out necessities

When you are moving, it does not mean that you have to absolutely take everything with you. It is therefore prudent to sort your belongings into classes of what you need the most and what you can do without or easily replace when you have settled in at the new place. Many people hold garage sales so that they can get rid of what stuff will make them lag behind schedule.

Utilizing storage

Once you have decided which items you are taking with you, you have to decide what to do with the stuff that is left over. One of the best ways to deal with it is to put it into storage so that you can deal with it when you are ready to receive it in your new place. This gives you time to deal with the stuff that you have with you rather than dealing with a lot of boxes that impede your settling in.

When you are done settling in and have designated areas where the other stuff will fit, you can then call on it to be delivered. The added benefit of putting the items in storage is that now moving them has become someone else's headache and all you have to do is await them at your doorstep.


22 October 2015

Storing old books

My dad was a huge collector of old books. He had such a beautiful collection when he passed away, and he left it all to me. I don't have enough space to display them yet, but I do want to hold onto them so that when I have enough space I can set up a library at home and really enjoy them. This blog is all about how to store old books for a long period of time, so that they stay in great condition. I hope it will be useful for other people with big collections of vintage books.