Handy Tips for DIY Furniture Removals


Moving house can be both a tedious as well as an exasperating process. From planning the logistics of the move to ensuring that you have all your items safely packed, most homeowners would be quite daunted by the task. As such, you will find that professional furniture removals are typically your best bet if you are hoping for hassle-free relocation. However, there may be instances where you may not be able to cater for professional movers within your budget. If this is the situation, then you could attempt some DIY furniture removals to save on costs. Here are some handy tips if you choose to embark on DIY furniture removals.

Take measurements

The best way to figure out what will be able to fit within your doors and what will have to be disassembled would be by taking measurements. Finding out halfway through the process that you cannot get a dresser through the doorway or perhaps have to find a way of passing items through windows can be inconvenient and will slow down the process. To avoid this, ensure that you have taken measurements of all the large furniture items that will need to be relocated. This enables you to plan for their dismantling or if you would need professional assistance with them.

Ensure all drawers are emptied

A common mistake that amateur movers make is assuming that by keeping the items in drawers, cupboards and wardrobes it would make it easier for them to settle once they have relocated. The truth of the matter is that you end up making the task of furniture removals much heavier than it needs to be. In addition to this, the moving process can knock items together making them more susceptible to breaking during the moving process. Always ensure you have emptied out all drawers and packed the items in corresponding boxes to make it easier for you to return them to their rightful place.

Rent some sliders

Moving heavy furniture without professional help can be quite a hassle. In addition to this, you could be putting yourself at risk of injury. One of the best ways to overcome this would be by opting to rent some sliders. Sliders are placed beneath the heavy items that cannot be dismantled but still require to be moved. These heavy pieces could include a piano, dining table, a fridge and more. Once the slider is underneath, you can easily push the items out of the home while avoiding any damage from scuffing on the floors.


20 August 2015

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