3 Tips for Buying Used Shipping Containers


For your production facility, you may need shipping containers for cargo you'll be sending by sea or by rail, for hazardous materials, or for anything you need to keep completely private during shipment. Because shipping containers are meant to last for years, you might save money by buying used containers rather than new. While used containers can often be just as good as new, this doesn't mean you should just purchase the cheapest one you can find on the internet.

Note a few tips on buying used shipping containers so you're sure to invest in one that works for your transport needs:

1. Know the terms

One-trip, new, and cargo worthy containers are certified as being solid enough for shipping overseas. However, a container that is advertised as Wind and Water Tight may be solid but hasn't been checked by a surveyor, so you would need to have it inspected before you can ship anything overseas with such a container.

If you're shipping something locally and not overseas, it's good to know the requirements for your shipping container as you may be able to choose something that is just certified as Wind and Water Tight if you're using local rivers for shipments. Check your shipping requirements and know the terms you'll see advertised when buying.

2. Rust and corrosion

Older containers may have rust and corrosion that has formed, especially along the seals. This might not be a good choice for your shipments, but consider if there are simple patches you might make, or if the rust has actually created a hole already. If you only plan on using the shipping container once or twice and it's just slightly rusted but hasn't yet formed holes, it might still be acceptable to you. You might also be able to weld a patch over the rusted or corroded area and have a quick, inexpensive fix.

3. Foul odors

Items like hides can leave behind a foul odor in a shipping container, and you'll need to consider if you're shipping anything that might absorb that odor. If you're just shipping copper plumbing pipes or PVC pipes, these materials don't typically absorb odor. However, anything porous such as wood pieces can easily absorb the odors around it. Be sure you stand inside a used shipping container and note if there are foul odors and if so, consider how your shipment will be received if it arrives with the same odor.

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24 June 2015

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